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Photographer : Georgie Wileman

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
This week I am going back to the usual Shoot That Thursday routine introducing you to a female photographer : Georgie Wileman. I intentionally stated that Georgie is a woman because it is crucial to understand her work. So if you want to know more read below !
Photographer : Georgie Wileman
Photographer : Georgie WilemanGeorgie's site : Georgie Wileman
Why Georgie Wileman ? Georgie is the first photographer I didn't discover through Tumblr. Actually I didn't even see any picture by her since I got to know her through my Twitter.  "Boys by Girls editor Georgie Wileman talks us through her new project, Girls at home- models at their most unguarded " that's what Wonderland Magazine   wrote on Twitter to bring us to read her interview. And it worked since I clicked and read it. What made me click ? "Boys by Girls" and "Girls at home- models at their most unguarded". I guess I was interested in discovering her work because I wanted to know her perception of masculinity through her lense and then her project of shooting female models outside of the fashion environment definitely convinced me.It is my first time getting information about a photographer beforehand and then going through her pictures. Usually my approach is reversed, I see the pictures, try to understand the universe of the photographer and it's only AFTER that time that I look for interviews, informations about him/her. I think I am operating this way because I don't want to be influenced and want to find  by myself what the photographer had in mind. Looking for informations is a way for me to better understand the universe of the artist and compare my vision to the one of the photographer. With Georgie I didn't have this opportunity given that I got to know her approach thanks to the interview. Nonetheless I appreciated reading it and then explore her universe. Changing my method isn't bad because seeing things from a different perspective is always  interesting.From what I have read, Georgie's subjects are usually male models and she is particularly fond of photographing them off duty, understand when they are not "fashion polished". To do so what better environment than their own home ? I think I can relate to Georgie's approach because of the shooting I made with Marco Trinchillo, do you remember it ? Though I can't be compared to a professional model who does catwalks I can understand the feeling of being photographed in your home, you feel more at ease, since it is your space you feel no stress.What I am seeing. In my opinion Georgie has a very experimental style. What I mean by that ? She is a photographer so it is obvious that she knows how to take a good picture technically speaking, but to me it seems like in some of her photographs she likes having some imperfections. For example, on the picture I am introducing you to, the model's arms are blurred and the photo looks like a casual image of a cute boy when it's not. Actually when watching this picture I had the feeling this guy was having a conversation (with her?) hence his natural moves and the blurry arms. I don't feel like Georgie wanted us to concentrate on the beauty of her model, but more on  his natural, laid back attitude. It was as if her picture was saying "look this is how a model is when off duty : normal, natural".I said before that Georgie liked photographing her models in their own home, environment but instead here you have a boy sitted on a bench in a street. I chose this picture without even paying attention to this fact since what attracted my attention was his attitude: he is not even watching at the camera, it was as if it didn't exist at all. I believe that it was this detail to convince me choosing this image. This is not easy finding a photographer able to make you forget that he/she is shooting you. In my opinion Georgie's talent definitely lies in this factor : the more the model don't feel he/she is photographed, the more natural he/she looks.What's your opinion about this photograph ? What first attracted your attention : his attitude or his cute face ?

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