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Photographer : Erik Lee Snyder

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Today I am introducing you Erik Lee Snyder. To do so I chose to show you here a post I wrote about him on  my Tumblr. I didn't choose to do this way because I am lazy but because in my opinion showing you the first picture by him that caught my attention is really important since I intend to introduce you to an other image by him next week.

Photographer : Erik Lee Snyder

Photogrepher : Erik Lee Snyder Erik's sites : Tumblr & photographic site

Why Erik Lee Snyder ? I discovered Erik Lee Snyder through Tumblr. The first photos I saw by him are all portraits and are B&W pictures. I also saw some pictures in color but I had no time to make me a clear idea of his work in color. Despite this fact the pictures I saw totally hooked me. It seems like he really knows how to choose his models.What I am seeing. This picture was the one that attracted the most my attention. I like this woman who is appearing so strong. I like her tattoes. I like her gaze. I like the way she is standing. I even like the cigarette she is holding in her hand ( I am a non smoker though). The background in photography is very important as the intensity of a picture depends on it. If not for this white and luminous background, I would have not noticed the model. Obviously the jumpsuit she is wearing also helps noticing her. I am wondering if Erik told his model how to pose or simply told her to stand as she wanted. I saw an other picture with a man wearing the same jumpsuit, so I was wondering if it was a shooting done for Carhartt as both were wearing jumpsuits from this brand. If so I will definitely love their campaign because it looks very natural. About the model chosen I doubt she is a real model in life as she seems so true, by that I mean natural and rough. But if she is a real model, chapeau !

You know I care a lot about femininity, and this picture totally caught me up because albeit this woman does not have the appeal of a very feminine woman, by that I mean make-up, hairdo, clothes etc..she exudes a femininity I really appreciate. And this is the main reason why I can't define her as boyish or manly, she is definitely feminine in my eyes.

What do you think about this woman's attitude ?

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