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PhilStockWorld September Portfolio Review – Part 2

Posted on the 17 September 2021 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

PhilStockWorld September Portfolio Review – Part 24,480.

That's the strong bounce line on the S&P 500 and we've been failing it all week and now we're failing it FOR the week and that's a big negative on the weekly charts.  We predicted that we would fail the strong bounce line on Monday, when it was 4,490 (we made a lower low on Wednesday, which lowered the bar for a bounce) based on the Fundamental Outlook for the week and so far, so right, I suppose.  

I'm feeling good about going to CASH!!! last month, September has not been kind and we've been finding some good bargains along the way to refresh our portfolios.  Our slimmed-down LTP still made $44,533 for the month but those gains were largely offset by our too-bearish (for now) STP, which we adjusted yesterday.  Of course, we didn't adjust it to be less bearish – a bit more so, if anything.

PhilStockWorld September Portfolio Review – Part 2
Our defense if the market goes higher will be to buy more longs.  There are plenty of bargains out there as some stocks have come down quite a bit like Las Vegas Sands (LVS), which is back in the realm of reality now at $37.50, which is $28.66Bn in market cap and, before Covid, LVS was making $2.5Bn per year.  I'm not suggesting we race right into this one (we just bought BYD) because China has changed the rules in Macau and, of course, Covid - but it's a good example of a stock we wouldn't have bought because it was way too high that has now become attractive again. 

There are always bargains to be had – if you are patient!  

Money Talk Portfolio Review:  Patience is what our Money Talk Portfo is all about, as we only trade it when we're on the show – roughly once per quarter.  We can't touch it otherwise so the picks have to be ROCK SOLID and we made a few changes in our last cycl – when I was on the show on September 1st (it taped on Aug 31st).  We cashed out our winning positions on IBM and SKT and we added HPQ and the afore-mentioned BYD.  The portfolio is down $962 for the month at $194,944 but that's up…

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