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Petric Releases New Album, Flashbacks!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Winnipeg country trio are here with their first full-length album, Flashbacks, to give their early 2021 an energetic boost and continue their push forward in their career and in the Canadian country music industry.

Brothers, Tom and Jason Petric, with long-time friend Jason Day, have put together a 9-song, 30-minute offering that includes previously released (and well-received) singles, new music, and a taste of what we hope we can expect and that we'll get from the trio when we get to see them live and in future releases.

And if you want to get a taste right now, hit play to watch the official music video for Petric's single, Kids.

Petric - Kids

In a press release announcing the album's release, the band says, "Writing, recording, and planning Flashbacks has been the most rewarding chapter in the history of PETRIC. We've learned so much about ourselves, and each other throughout the making of this album, and we hope our fans can hear the evolution in our sound. It's really hard to not be able to perform these songs for everyone, and celebrate its release with all our fans, but we know everyone is celebrating with us safely at home. This is the beginning of a new PETRIC. We're just getting started."

The new beginning part is important here, as we've been following the music and careers of Petric since we were first introduced in 2015. A lot has changed over the years, including the formal addition of Jason to the band. So it's natural to see Flashbacks as a new start, it's certainly a new chapter. And it sounds great, which is the most important part, as the band looks to earn more fans, streams, radio spins, and when it's safe, concert tickets sold.

Petric - Single Problem

Since Here Goes Everything, we've known that Petric has talent, and are fun to listen to. We've seen them in small venues and on festival stages. We've chatted in interviews and in the crowd at shows. We've even asked them for NHL predictions in the past. These are good dudes who are dedicated to their craft and love what they're doing. And with streaming numbers and radio success (Top 20) on songs like Single Problem, growing, we know they're in a good spot as they head into 2021 and beyond.

Flashbacks is a good listen. There's a lot of fun. A half-hour of country music that you can jump right into. And songs that have already, and will continue to connect with fans.

Check out the complete Flashbacks tracklist here and hit play on the stream to listen to the album now. Enjoy!

Petric, Flashbacks Tracklist

Petric Releases New Album, Flashbacks!

Petric Releases New Album, Flashbacks!

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