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Petite Scarf Advice

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Petite Scarf Advice

Opt for fine wovens

Maria has left a new comment on your post "13 Ways to Wear a Pashmina or Long Rectangular Sca...":
I LOVE scarves and know dozens of ways to tie them, but I believe they're a little too much for my petite frame. Is there any way to wear one without looking neckless, bulky, and even shorter than normal? 

Petite Scarf Advice

Chunky scarves overwhelm petite figures

Thanks Maria for this question.  So how not to be overwhelmed by your scarf?  It's all about applying the rules of scale.  Make sure that your scarf is not too big or bulky or long as this will make it look too large for your small frame. 

Petite Scarf Advice

A lightweight rather than heavy weight scarf

Opt for scarves that are lighter in fabrication (rather than heavy or bulky knits, fine knits and wovens, or chiffons and light summer weight fabrics).

Petite Scarf Advice

Be careful of the length, long tails will draw the eye down

Also make sure that scarves are not too long on your body, otherwise they'll drag the eye downwards and you'll look shorter, so loop them around a couple of times if they're on the longer side.
If you don't want to look shorten your neck, try looping loosely rather than tightly round your neck, or even knotting your scarf lower.  
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