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Pet-friendly Hotels in South Island

Posted on the 20 November 2017 by Cheekymeeky

Are you a pet-loving individual? Do you take them anywhere you go? Are you considering bringing your beloved animal with you to New Zealand. If you are considering traveling in a motorhome hire New Zealand in the South Island, you may want to check out pet friendly places to visit.

After all, for many of us, our animals are a part of the family and if you want to go somewhere beautiful with your loved ones, that probably includes your pet. Of course, not every beautiful hotel or RV park allows animals, so you should definitely consider where you'll be visiting and staying before you set out.

If you plan on staying at hotels during your road trip, make sure to find out where you can and cannot take your beloved animal. To help you in planning for an adventure of a lifetime, the following hostels are known to be pet-friendly. You want to have a great time and not have to think about finding a place for your animal to stay, so be sure to check out places like the ones below, so that you and your furry friend can enjoy the trip together.

The Top Pet Friendly South Island Hotels

Don't leave your best friend behind. There's no need to. Your animal can enjoy a road trip in New Zealand just as much as you. These hotels will welcome them with open arms. Check them out:

  • Bella Vista Motel: For those visiting the Lake Taupo area, the Bella Vista Taupo Motel is an ideal location for you and your pet. With pet-friendly accommodation available when requested, they are the perfect lodging for you and yours. But, the benefits go beyond you being able to bring your animal. Only an hour and half away from Tongariro National Park, it's the ideal spot for adventurers looking for a comfortable place to sleep. You can get to all the nearby cafes and restaurants on a short walk and visit the lake nearby.
  • Moeraki Village Holiday Park: From places to put your tent to power sites and cabins, Moeraki Village Holiday Park makes life easy for travelers with animals. With a view of the lake and plenty of enjoyable things to do nearby, this is the perfect spot to enjoy with you and your best friend. Whether you visit the area to see the Moeraki Boulders or you want to observe the penguins and seals that are abundant in these parts, a vacation at this spot will be a satisfying one.
  • Beach Road Holiday Park: If you are traveling in a motorhome hire New Zealand, you'll want to find a spot like Beach Road Holiday Park where your vehicle and animals are allowed. Beach Road Holiday Park is located in Invercargill on the South Island and makes traveling with your pet easy. It's a great area for outdoor adventure, whether you go swimming, hiking, or hunting.
  • James Bed and Breakfast: Located in Christchurch, this lovely bed and breakfast is ideal for those traveling to the area who don't want to separate form their animals. With pets as a "part of the staff," animal lovers will love this place. Not only that, but St. James Bed and Breakfast is well-known for their great customer service and lovely lodgings. If you're looking for a comfortable place to stay where you can bring your pet in Christchurch, this is the ideal accommodation for you.
  • Blenheim Palms Motel: If you're visiting Blenheim and you're road tripping with your dog or cat, consider a stay at the Blenheim Palms Motel. With rooms set up more as apartments than simple lodgings, you'll have everything you need and feel extremely comfortable while you're at it. With it being difficult to find a place to stay with your pet, the comfort and welcoming atmosphere at Blenheim Palms Motel makes it easy for human and animal travelers alike.

Road tripping with your animal can be a fantastic experience. From hiking and exploring the beautiful places to be found on South Island, NZ to visiting the beach towns along the coast, there are several reasons why you won't want to leave your pet behind.

Fortunately, these above places make it easy. While it can be difficult to find pet-friendly accommodation in the country, with a bit of research, you can find the perfect spot in the location that you're visiting. Find hotels who love animals as much as you, because they'll be sure to allow everyone (humans and dogs) stay there.

If you're visiting Christchurch, Lake Taupo, Blenheim, Moeraki, or Invercagill, you'll want to check out these places for a relaxing experience with your pet. Whether you're traveling in a motorhome hire New Zealand or you want to stay at hotels with your animal, you can rest assured that there are places where it's possible.

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