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Perfect Sunday Read- Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

By Chelseajmartin
Perfect Sunday Read- Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others:

This is from a couple weeks back but it’s worth sharing anyway. There is this crazy double standard going with how companion or pet animals are treated and the way animals raised for consumption are treated. People have developed a severe disconnect with the animals they eat and how they have been raised. The disconnect extends so far that even when the nutritional quality of the meat (because of what the animal was fed while being raised) is questionable most people ignore it!

About four weeks ago I decided to work to eliminate inhumanely raised pork from my diet. Just putting a restriction on on animal protein in my diet (not even eliminating it) has been interesting and somewhat challenging. This article really speaks to why I needed to start evaluating where my meat is coming from, how it was treated, and making some dietary changes as a result.

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