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Perfect Pitch: Your Best Chance for a Guest Post

Posted on the 06 February 2013 by Margaret @bloghappy1

Guest blogging is the quickest and most effective way to share your content with more people. A great pitch letter increases your chances of being accepted.

Here are five steps for a pitch letter that will give you the best chance of being published.

  1. Summarize your post in one or two sentences.  If your angle is tight this should be easy.
  2. Sell the best. What is the very best thing about your guest post? The content managers will ask themselves why they should publish your work. Very briefly explain why your post is new and relevant to their target audience.  Include whatever makes your post special. Have you interviewed someone high profile, tapped into a controversy or included new information that will matter to their readers?
  3. Include your credentials.  Who are you anyway? Are you a real person in every sense of the word? Are you credible? Cyberspace is a big scary place filled with bots and trolls and frankly weird people with twitter accounts. Mention other guest posts you’ve done, any relevant qualifications or experience and a link your website, anything that makes you sound like a reliable person.
  4. Thank the site editor or content manager for considering your guest post and include your contact details.
  5. Proof read with care. Your writing is a testament to your professionalism and credibility; don’t make yourself look like an idiot.

What kind of pitch letters have/haven’t worked for you?

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