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By Kayla @kaymars

Perceptions. They’re a tricky thing. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn just how powerful perceptions can be, regardless of intention.

Let’s start here… Not so long ago, I took inventory of the challenges that many School Counselors face in their daily work, and I put them all together in a video. A satirical, totally non-serious video. A video that blew up faster than I realized it would. A video that far outreached the intended audience of fellow School Counselors who could appreciate and understand the humor in it. A video that, not on purpose, caused some harm and friction.

I work with students all the time on repairing the harm they have caused. I need to do the same.

To those I harmed,

I am sorry. The things I said were not true to my feelings about my work. My words were not meant as an attack on anyone. My intention was to create a silly video for people who do the same job that I do, and that’s all. I realize, though, that my intentions do not matter when the perception is that of offense, hurt, and distrust.

Please know, that I know how lucky I am to be a School Counselor and to work with kids. This is a job that I love and do not take lightly, at all. Please know that I care very much about what I do and who I try my best to help everyday.

I realize that trust takes a long time to build and very little to destroy. Please know that I will do my best to rebuild any trust that has been lost. I will continue to show up everyday and do the job that I love with heart. And I will contribute to building an educational culture of respect, understanding, and love of learning.

I hope you’ll join me.



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