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Posted on the 28 March 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

People + Planet + ProfitYou may have noticed a few minor adjustments to the website over the last few weeks as we tinker around with layout, size of the featured posts section, and a few small modifications to the website in order to bring you a better experience. Our search function is now stable and results are displayed properly, and over the next few weeks we may try to integrate a Facebook developed commenting system to replace the current set-up.

Our logo remains the same, except for the  tag line now underneath. It now reads People + Planet + Profit. We feel this better captures our philosophy, centered around the triple bottom line of the social (people), environmental (planet), and economic (profit) balance that is necessary to make progress along the long arc toward creating a sustainable society. We do not claim credit for creating the phrase, but we like its pithy and alliterative style and overall meaning. According to Wikipedia, the phrase was coined by John Elkington in his 1998 book Cannibals with Forks: the Triple Bottom Line of 21st Century Business.

As always, we welcome your comments on the look, content, and ideas behind the site. Any and all feedback can be sent to [email protected]


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