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People at PayPal

Posted on the 22 July 2015 by Devender Singh @DevenderSingh93

PayPal was built for people. The security that PayPal was founded on, means nothing without the people and the payments that it helps to protect. Every day, PayPal strives to make powerful products that make it easier for people to manage their financial lives. PayPal employees around the globe are constantly navigating the complex world of payments to deliver an experience that makes sending and receiving money as simple as it can be.

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They’re proud to be people-first and customer-centric, but that doesn’t mean PayPal users don’t get frustrated. That’s why PayPal have a customer support team that is always ready and willing to help. Whether its suspicious activity, fraud, or phishing scams, you can report your issues directly to us so PayPal can help you find a resolution.

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When their customers are happy, PayPal is happy. After all, PayPal couldn’t have gotten here without their loyal 169 million active users.

Team PayPal:

Did you know that the world leader in digital payments, PayPal, employs over 1300 technology experts and engineers in their facilities in India

It has been our employees, India’s technology talent that has helped us reach this milestone. Technology and India’s role is critical to PayPal’s vision, and in delivering the benefits of how PayPal transform money for our consumers and merchants.

Work Culture at PayPal

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that PayPal, as an organization is by the people and for the people.

Their promise: ‘Transforming Money. PoPayPalring People is delivered with the help of their skilled and satisfied employees and their innate love for offering consumers, what they need.

As part of our efforts to identify and nurture the best talent, PayPal are also focused on ensuring diversity. The importance of a diverse workforce goes back to our diverse customer base. PayPal are committed to reducing the gender gap and bringing women technologists to the forefront.

PayPal recently won the Gender Diversity at the Workplace Zinnov Award that recognizes technology centers across India for key achievements.

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Maternity support: 

PayPal realize that they tend to lose a significant number of women in our workforce once they get pregnant and have children. PayPal want to ensure that they feel as supported as possible to continue working with us.

o   Flexible work arrangements

o   Cab rides for women in their third trimester to and fro the office

o   Top Gynecologist in-house to see to mothers’/women’s’ needs.


Girls in Tech: introducing employees’ daughters to basic code and technology to encourage early interest.

An environment that enables creativity

    • Spice Club: enabling arts & culture to thrive
    • Afternoon socials, regular brown bags: encouraging networking and closer collaboration
    • Buses: providing easy access to the offices
    • Diet kitchen & gyms: ensuring health and PayPalllness

Employee testimonials and experience

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Being a PayPal user myself, I was curious to dig deeper and understand how it is as an employer, which led to me read more about the company on I was pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of good reviews from former and present PayPal employees. Here’s a sneak peek…

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