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Pens Offseason After Tomorrow - Trade Fleury. Fire Balsma. Put Crosby on the Market.

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Alright....time to :stirthepot:
Since the Pens last Stanley Cup, things have gone haywire. This team was built to possibly be a dynasty, instead it's mostly panned into a dud. Yes, we have seen them go to two Stanley Cups, and win one, in a sort of miraculous fashion. However, since then the team has underachieved.
I think we can all agree that Fleury is expendable at this point, and his cap space could be used on obtaining a better defensive defense-men, a decent second line winger. Maybe a change in climate would do Fleury well, because it's obvious come playoff time he checks out. During the regular season he is a force and very good, however since winning the cup he seems to turn to mush during the Playoffs and has become a liability. I really think it's time for him to go. Pens could get something decent in return for him. Granted, last year the Pens ditched Staal for Sutter, and i'm not sure that was a great move, but it is what it is.
But, it's also obvious to me that it's time to Can the DAN! He is not disciplining this team correctly. That became evident during the Islanders series, and it's very evident after this series. Dan has done well, but this was the first time they won the division. With a team as stacked as they have been, winning the division should be a no-brainer. But, the problem with him is that he doesn't get it done. The team lacks discipline, and he just doesn't seem to know how to answer good defensive teams.
I know everyone is bagging on Shero as well, but come on. They got rid of hardly anything to obtain the guys they did. But, at this point, i'm not so sure that Ignalia and Morrow were a good fit with this team. They just don't seem like it.
Now, brings me to the next chapter. SID. I think it's time to seriously entertain marketing him for a blockbuster trade, and signing Malkin to a long term deal.
HERE ME OUT! Since Mario was drafted this team has always had the 1 big superstar and the management seems to wrap players around that top line, and defense was always seen as expendible. I think this hurts the team. Malkin doesn't have the superstar status that Crosby brings. Doesn't have the drama. While he does get injured, I think he excels much better in the team role, and as a borderline captain. Crosby does not. Crosby is a good one man show, but not a true leader. Malkin seems to grab the bull by the horns when he's seen as the top player on the team, and I think he helps elevate others in the process. I just don't see this with Crosby. Maybe it's time to say enough is enough, and trade him for a major blockbuster trade that brings in a lot of good useful team players.
If Shero wants to do something.. Trade freaking Crosby, Fleury and can the Dan. Hit the semi-reset button and watch them be a much more competetive force in the playoffs without Sid and Fleury.

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