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Peering in

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Before I begin with my musings, I need to tell you one thing: I almost just titled this post "pearing in", as if it had something to do with a stone fruit... or something. Hah. At least I didn't try "peaking in"? peering in Anyway :) happy Valentine's Day, and happy belated 18th birthday to my little sister. I hope you have something special planned for today. On my lovely agenda: a very long day of classes followed by dinner for two at a French restaurant. Oh, to have a boyfriend and be living in Paris! What a difference a year makes. peering in And yet, for as much as I'm looking forward to celebrating a new relationship in a city infatuated with romance, I can't help but fondly look back on Valentine's Day pasts: February 14, 2006 was the last time I spent Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, February 14, 2009 was the last time I spent Valentine's Day away from the only boy I've loved, and I've spent every February 14th since then in the company of girlfriends. peering in With each year, I've learned just how much this holiday should be about loving love. My parents, for instance, are the only ones who've always sent a card. "Happy Day for love! I hope this day is wonderful for you," my mom wrote this year. It will be... though not because my life is perfect (and for the record, neither is the life of that Facebook friend of yours). In fact, a boyfriend and Paris are merely details in the grand scheme of good things. Ponder this: in the end, this holiday isn't innately sweet at all; it's the treats, thoughtful words, and people who make is as such. Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day with those who matter most. Bisous.


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