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Pedro Sucks, Agudelo Rocks, and Arsene Decides to Spend

By Thetoaststaff
Arsene's come to his senses. Well, today at least.
Arsene Wenger, after the completion of Arsenal's annual late-season collapse, finally admits he needs to buy this summer a mere four days after suggesting (again) that that would not be the case. If he does end up spending some money this summer, good for him. No matter what happens, however, Arsenal fans can rest assured that he doesn't plan on shopping any of the club's current stars. He specifically mentioned Captain Fab in his comments, which I personally find interesting since he's been linked with a move to Barcelona's bench for quite some time now.
How is this not a bigger deal?
Wayne Rooney has done his best to stay out of British tabloids after that early season snafu, but it appears they've taken matters into their own hand. Hacking into someone's cell phone? Now that's just low (and illegal, perhaps?). Shame on you, News of the World (and more than likely every other tabloid on the planet).
Hang your head in shame, Pedro.
Barcelona's Pedro should, at the least, be suspended, and at the most, have his arms and legs removed, skewered, and staked into the four corners of Europe for his shameful display in the latest edition of El Clasico. This is why Americans hate soccer, Pedro. You're not helping our cause here.
This is why I can't get behind Spanish soccer.
The American Dream
A striker who can actually put the ball in the net? Sign me up.

That's Juan Agudelo showing off his skills, my favorite of which being his creativity. He's probably the least open player on the pitch when the pass comes in, he's facing away from the goal, he's covered by two defenders, and he still manages to put it in the back of the net. 2014, anyone?
But let's not forget..
Clint Dempsey. This spectacular goal was one of two he scored in Fulham's latest fixture against Bolton, helping him into the club's history books as he became the Cottagers' leading all time scorer with 33 goals in the Fulham shirt.
Bravo, Clint. Beautiful stuff.

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