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Peas - the End is in Sight

By Mwillis
These are the peas that began life on my windowsill in December, finally reaching the flowering stage:
Peas - the end is in sight
The tendrils which meant these peas were little use as peashoot material are being put to good use, as you can see.
This is how I initially envisaged the peas being used - in theory a few days after this photo the shoots should have been ready to eat as a salad ingredient.

Peas - the end is in sight

20 December 2013

This is what actually happened. They got planted out into big pots and "sent into exile" in the garden (though I did relent a bit and give them the protection of one of the mini greenhouses).

Peas - the end is in sight

04 January 2014

The plants have not got very tall - perhaps 2 feet:
Peas - the end is in sight

The plants in these two pots are evidently not going to produce a big harvest, but they look pretty good. I just wish there were more like this:-
Peas - the end is in sight

It will be really ironic if they turn out to be prolific and delicious, because I might then have to rescind my decision to give up growing peas!

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