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Peach Party

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
Peach party
I occasionally quite often lose all sense of reality at Costco and end up filling my cart with random items that just aren't very practical in large quantities (though they are fantastic deals!). In that moment of wholesale insanity, I think it's completely feasible for two people to eat 10 avocados, four loaves of bread, and 24 Greek yogurts before their expiration dates.
My latest impulse (great deal) purchase was a box of a dozen peaches. They were already semi-mushy at the store but that naturally did not stop me. I grabbed the box and started fantasizing about all the recipes I'd make -- one last summer peach hurrah!
Fast forward to today -- one week later -- and those peaches are still sitting on my kitchen counter.
But this time -- unlike the avocados and the breads and the yogurts -- I refuse to let Costco win. This weekend I'm going to throw a peach party* and (for real!) make one of the following (easy?) recipes:
  • Peach-basil ice cream topping. (From The Pioneer Woman) The only thing I have more of than peaches is basil. No one told me it grows like a weed -- so I planted two plants on my front porch. And now I'm swimming in the stuff.
  • Earl Gray peach preserves. (From Eat Live Run) I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Earl Gray-ness of this recipe but I have all the necessary ingredients in my kitchen so I might as well try it out. (Plus Jenna's never steered me wrong before. She's legit.)
  • Vanilla-roasted peaches with raspberries. (From Martha Stewart) The idea of roasting peaches with butter and vanilla just seems right to me. Could be the perfect summer to fall peach recipe.
  • Peach hydration mask. (From bien-etre) Yes this is a face mask. No it's not edible (sorry boyfriend). Let's hope this plan doesn't backfire.

Which recipe do you like?
*I don't know where this peach party nonsense is coming from. I've never had, been to, or even heard of a peach party.

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