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Payday 2 on PS4 & Xbox One is the 'full Package', but There's Lots More Content Coming

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Payday 2 on PS4 & Xbox One is the 'full package', but there's lots more content coming
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition will provide PS4 and Xbox One players with the complete Payday 2 experience - including all previous DLC and game updates - but this is just the start, the game's producer Almir Listo has told
"We're basically saying here's the full experience, that will continue to be updated with free content and paid DLC as we go along, but this is what Payday 2 is at this day and age," he explained.
He added: "It's the ultimate heisting experience on the consoles according to us, and it's all the original stuff from Payday 2, the huge amount of DLCs and also some cool exclusive content that we'll announce soon, you know, just like the other versions of the game we've released some exclusive content where each platform gets their own exclusive map and so on."
Regarding the studio's commitment to updating the game, Listo says that Overkill's hope is to continue updating the PS4 and Xbox One versions as it does on PC.
"It's definitely not a definitive edition, it is just the start of a beautiful relationship we want to have with Xbox One and PS4 gamers," he continued. "We hope, of course, that as many [last-gen players] as possible transition to the new generation so they can experience this content, but the ambition is to continue updating the Crimewave Edition, seeing as we have these improved settings, improved machines, improved working environments for us as developers to continue adding stuff to the game that the console manufacturers actually listen to, which is great," he explained.
"So our ambition is to continue pushing Payday stuff out on the next-gen versions. And the same goes for the PC version. We've already told the community that we're committing to making Payday content up until the end of 2016. And that's a long commitment, especially for a first-person shooter."
Listo concluded: "I think we're breaking new ground with how you can play a first-person shooter game. And since it's our own IP we're not just trying to jump ship and make [Payday] 3, 4 or 5 Advanced Ignition Combat Warfare, right? We're trying to actually respect the player's first purchase and try to build a relationship with them over a specific product. When we feel we've done everything with Payday 2, then we move on to Payday 3."

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