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Patterns Commonly Used For Patio Paving

Posted on the 16 March 2016 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

patio paving

Getting your patio paved can add a feel of elegance and picturesque beauty to the entire landscape of your property. But before you think of transforming your plans to action, you need to have some idea about the different types of patterns popularly used for patio paving in Perth. There are several attractive options to choose from, but not all of them would work well with your landscape. Have a look at some of them discussed about below and pick the most appropriate one as per your requirements and specifications:

Stack Bond

It involves arrangement of rectangular pavers side by side so as to keep all the horizontal and vertical lines continuous. The design is quite simple to install and can also be done conveniently by a DIY handyman. Stack bond is perfect to be used under verandahs.

Stretcher Bond

This pattern is very similar to its stack counterpart, except for the fact that former does not have vertical lines running continuously. An alternative to the standard stretcher bond design is the one having pavers placed at an angle of 45 degrees with each other.


Radial paving is one of the commonly used patterns for patio areas. It is usually laid in a color different from that of the core for creating a portrait effect. This pattern looks great when laid as a semi-circle off from a wall to serve as a barbeque feature.

Basket Weave

This unique pattern is achieved by laying two rectangular pavers side by side vertically, followed by horizontal placement of the next two. This creates a design resembling a woven basket. The installation is completed with a perimeter course for locking the pattern together.


The herringbone pattern involves diagonal placement of the pavers on a 90 or 45 degree angle. The courses are usually laid in such a way that one paver faces right and the next one faces left. The style is locked together using a square perimeter of the same color as the core, or a different one.

Large Paving

This involves the installation of large pavers in square or rectangular shapes. This simple technique of laying pavers can either have gaps for allowing growth of grass or addition of pebbles to create contrast, or be closely packed.

Once you have decided on a suitable pattern, get in touch with some reputed firm dealing with paving contractor services in Perth and hire them to construct a fantastic patio pavement as per your requisites.

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