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Pasta Me This, Pasta Me That.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
with the amazing weather we're having at the moment, i couldn't resist making one of my favorite pasta salads that i usually only make in the summer. the best part of this recipe is, is the only thing you have to cook is the pasta!
pasta me this, pasta me that.
what you will need:1 box tri-color spiral pasta1 regualr sized brick of sharp cheddar cheese1/2 inch thick slice of provolone cheese1/2 inch thick slice of ham off the bone1/4 lb of sliced pepperoni1 can of black olives or kalmata olivesbalsamic vinegar
first you'll need to cook the pasta per packaging. i usually cook the pasta a little al dente since it tends to absorb the balsamic vinegar. while the pasta is cooking, cube the the cheeses and ham. using everything up. i love having a ton of yummy stuff in my pasta salad. next, cut the olives in half and the slices of pepperonis in 4ths. i stack the slices of pepperoni and then cut it making it nice and fast. now that everything is cut up and the pasta has finished cooking, i usually rinse off the pasta with cold water to cool it down quicker and let it dry for a while so that there isn't a lot of water left on it. the last thing you have to do is throw everything into a large bowl, mix, and generously pour the balsamic vinegar (i usually use italian dressing from a local restaurant but we didn't have any) on top. mix again. then place in the fridge covered for about 30 minutes before serving.
pasta me this, pasta me that.
i usually can't wait for the pasta to chill, and usually have a bowl right away. one suggestion i do have is, after the first day, before eating i would pour a little more dressing or balsamic vinegar on it, because the pasta tends to absorb everything overnight :)
hope you enjoyed this easy recipe! what's your favorite summertime food?

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