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Passing a Little Bit of You To the Next Generation

By Sangeetha

Every parent has a dream for their child. Every parent wishes for the best for their child and there are some special memories that parents hand over to their children generation to generation.

How often have we heard our grandparents saying ‘Oh this was given to me by my mother‘, then ‘handed over to your mother when she was getting married‘ and ‘now it’s with you’.. ‘You have to treasure it ‘. Such small things have a lot of emotional value to it.

Any special thing that we cherish and those we want to handover to our children; could be a house or your mother’s wedding dress or jewelry or watch or anything that has been in the house for generation have significance in our lives. We are attached to it and every time we look at it we recall the good moments. The bond that we had with it and indirectly we want our next generation also to experience it and treasure it.

One such thing that I want to handover to my child is an antique jewelry box. This isn’t something that has been passed on to me from my parents. But this was the first thing that I and my husband bought for the first house that we moved into. It has a lot of value for us. We somehow believe that all the memories of our first house are treasured in it including the birth of our lovely princess.

This token of passing tangible or intangible things symbolizes our love and attachment and we expect our children to have the same sense of emotion. And that is built up from childhood.

We often end up telling our children that this one thing I shall give it to you when you are of age. This is so special and yes we do narrate the stories associated with it every time.

Like in our case when we look at the antique jewelry box we recall our days in the first house, how special they were! We end up looking the pictures of that time and show them to our little one.

Every parent wants to pass on a ‘little bit of them’ to their child and we find out ways and means to do it. There is no joy like the joy of being a parent and seeing yourself in your kids.

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What is that one tangible or intangible thing you wish to pass on to your little one? Share with me in comments.

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