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Pass and Fail

By Chardonaldson
I wanted to check in and let you know how I was going with my new and better habits (ie moving more during the day and eating less sugar.)
I'll start with the first - moving more. And I'm starting with it because it's been a stellar success with really not too much effort (apart from the effort of being on my feet and walking rather than rolling around the room.) I've spent a lot more time standing rather than sitting to cut out and honestly, it's a much more effective way to work.
While I was sitting down I think I worked a bit slower. I had to keep rearranging the fabric to suit me rather than rearranging me to suit the fabric. I haven't accidentally rolled over Toby's tail with my chair all week - probably because I'm actually getting up off the chair to walk and get what I need. And I've been making extra trips upstairs to get stuff that I need. So if I was to grade myself on this week's performance, I'd give myself an A+++ (because an A+ just doesn't seem enough for how awesome I was).
And as far as the sugar goes - well, I'd definitely have to give myself a D- there. Yes, I'm walking upstairs more to get stuff that I need but it seems that the things I most need (and yes, it seemed like a need at the time) was lollies. (Or sweets. Or jubes. For those of you who don't speak Australian). I said I wasn't very good at the dietary denial thing.
I think a lot of my problem stems back to my Garmin. That's right - I'm blaming a watch for my lack of self-control. But my Garmin has been giving me permission to eat more. I do a run and after the run all the data spews onto my computer and all I see is how many calories I've burnt. And my mind immediately translates those calories into a big flashing 'all you can eat' sign.
Of course I'm supposed to be eating a little more now that I'm running a lot more. But I really don't think that the extra calories should all be refined sugar. I don't even like how my body feels after I've eaten a whole lot of sugar - my heart pounds and I feel a bit sick. But somehow I find it hard to stop. A little like Mr Creosote on Monty Python's Meaning of Life.

I lasted a whole day trying to be super-restrained. And on that day my food choices were pretty impressive. When I wanted just a little more after my salad and chicken lunch, I chose an apple. And I made sure to brush my teeth early that night so I wouldn't be tempted to snack late. The next day was a total bust!
 My last resort will be to make sure I don't have any lollies in the house because I can't eat them if they're not here.
But even if I do manage to rein in my sugar intake I will NEVER make a sugar-free cupcake. I just don't see the point.
Pass and Fail

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