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Party Season Over? Not for Mums

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Party Season Over? Not for Mums

With Christmas out of the way the party season is over, finally.  Or is it?  For parents, the party season is never really over.  Grown up parties are easy when it comes down to it, but kid’s parties are a whole other matter.  They can leave you feeling that you’ve invited Genghis Khan and his mates round for an open house session.   Kid’s birthday parties also mean you have several sensitive dilemmas to negotiate.  Most of us have enough on our party plates making sure we invite the right number, the “right” friends and make allowances for surprisingly diverse ranges of dietary requirements.  This latter is a two-fold problem; you need to have a massive stash of crisps but appear, in front of other parents, to at least have heard of healthy stuff like vegetables.  So it is not a real surprise that more of us are choosing a party venue to host these socially fraught get-togethers.  So what should you look for in a good kid’s party venue?

That’s entertainment

This is the big draw to party venues as entertainment is all in the price.  Venues will vary for different age ranges from small Lego theme parks, to 4D cinemas and full scale theme parks suitable for teens.  The advantage is that in most cases one venue will suit all sizes because your kid’s friends will be all in a pretty tight age range.  Most cities and regions have a fantastic range of birthday party venues catering specially to kids and many have increasingly competitive party package prices.

Packed party lunch?

If the venue you pick doesn’t include meals then things that come in boxes, like pizza for example to be eaten picnic style, are perfect.  Technically this is ‘bad food’ but it falls into the treat category and no mom is going to expect you to ‘Nigella’ a feast out of thin air and then transport it to venue of choice.

Cordon bleu?

Probably not, even if food is included in the price.  Where it is included it is going to almost certainly be of the fast food variety.  Some venues do better than others on this but you’re unlikely to get the healthiest choice on the menu.  Possibly there is a ‘Vegetarian World’ theme park that does provide a seriously healthy option, but remember kids can divorce their parents.

Days to remember

Kids like a good party just the same as anyone else and a venue based party will go down a treat and remain a talking point for months to come.  The main worry that many people will have is the cost of a party venue.  There are usually excellent price ranges for popular venues and tickets should include free places for adults; remember there is usually a minimum adult/kid ratio for supervision duties – especially on venues for younger kids.  For those mums – and dads of course – who find the prospect of another open house Genghis Khan party just too much to stomach or simply can’t face the prospect of throwing out plates of Veg and vacuuming crisps up for weeks, then kids’ party venues can provide just the right level of stress free fun filled entertainment.  You might even enjoy it yourself!

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