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Parking In The Parenting Car Park Spaces Pet Hate

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Is it just me or do any other mummies HATE it when people without children park in the parent and child parking space? Grrr it really gets on my nerves.

Before I had my little boy it never bothered me, as I never had to use one but I still never parked in one. I first realised when Parking In The Parenting Car Park Spaces Pet Hate


Sidney was 2 weeks old how annoying it was. I couldn’t find an empty parent space so ended up parking in a normal spot trying to not hit the car door next to me, whilst trying to lift out the bulky car seat.

On my way into the supermarket I saw a business man get into his 2 seater sports car that he had parked in the parent space that myself or another parent needed. I glanced evils his way and gave him the middle finger. ‘Ignorant T**t’ I was thinking in my head. How dare he and how lazy.  Is it really so hard to walk a few extra steps for him?Only the other day I was circling around looking for a parent friendly parking space when I realised that they were all taken. So I thought to myself ’Okay then, fair enough’ Next thing you know 6 teenage lads carrying boxes of beer and BBQ bits walked to there two cars and each car was parked in a parent and child spot.I couldn’t help myself. I gave them a piece of my mind. Bet they wouldn’t have parked in a disabled parking space because they might get fined, but I think that there should be some form of punishment for these inconsiderate people.Do you agree? What would you like to see done?

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