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Paris <3 [:low Res:]

By Agnes

In the apartment (paris)

dinner in paris

Lost count of how many days we've been here (in Paris) (must be three? four?) but I know we stayed in for dinner every night so far. 

Unbelievable just how good bread & cheese can be. Can't complain about the wine either -- and I am not even a wine-person.


paris apartment

Our rental.

(Guess it wouldn't have killed me to make the bed before taking a picture.)

Have always loved big European cities and the sense of comfortable solitude I feel in an endless sea of people. Connected and separate at the same time. A bit hard to explain -- and probably not necessary. Think I'll just some photos (sorry about the low resolution) and stop narrating, way too spent for words. 


paris cafe

agnes paris

paris metro mind your gap


getting ready


Paris <3
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books by the river

Until next time,


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