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Parenting Thursdsay: Santa's List

By Myjoneses
Parenting Thursdsay: Santa's ListThis year's list to Santa had a little forethought.  To rewind just a bit, we had a few issues last year.
There were the easy things like a train and a robot, but then someone got pretty specific.  We still haven't found a Stinky Pete, from Toy Story, figure.  And boy did we have some 'splaining to do why Santa's workshop might not make those.
And there was also the girl nutcracker that Cy asked especially for mommy.  Well the nutcracker with the long hair didn't pass by the 3 year old as a "girl".  What was the first thing Cy pointed out on the tree this year?  "Look mommy, there's the nutcracker Santa got you.  But he didn't get you the girl one I asked for".  So..... this year we went with this:
Parenting Thursdsay: Santa's List
I made up a letter for Cy to fill in the words. Santa, his name, school, his teacher's name ect.  He got to work on writing and spelling words along with some counting towards the end while making his list.
So Santa this year we're looking at Transformers, Super Heroes, Scooby doo, Art stuff and Legos.  Quite the list that described my attentive, creative and absolutely wonderful 4 year old.
Cy also helped with Sage's list.  We're thinking Sage was in agreeance with this judging by his response, "Ma, ma, na, na" laughter, big smile and then rubbing food in his hair. (we made our list at dinner, although it doesn't have to be meal time for Sage to rub food in his hair) Cars, play people, duplo blocks, farm animals and art stuff- but Cy says no crayons he eats those.  True Cy, True.
Alright Santa, let's see you work your magic!
P.S. Throw us some candy tomorrow at the Christmas Parade
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