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Parenting Thursday: Organizing the Playroom

By Myjoneses
I hate to inform you that tonight's post is going to be short and sweet my friends.  I just got my book for book club and I've got to try and get caught up on what's happening on Project Runway Allstars.  Priorities people, tonight has quite the line up.
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the PlayroomTheir bookshelf that is in between their beds, their growing number of books is taking the place of some of the canvas totes.
So getting to it, this is the second installment of organizing, the boys' room.  After last week's closet organizing post this week we have the playroom, the place all toys are suppose to go (but never actually do).
I've told you I like baskets and things to put things in, and their playroom is prime example of this.  My kids have ALOT of toys, and with the two of them 3 1/2 years apart we have quite the range of items. While Cy might have outgrown something we've left it out or kept it because Sage will be able to play with it soon.
I think it's important to keep things, their toys, organized so they know what they have and actually use it- play with it.  Here's a glimpse into the play room/ place that could be a toy store:
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the Playroom  Love canvas totes and organization racks/shelves you can put them in- like the boy's bookshelf in their room.  We use to have a middle rack but I think the blocks broke it.  Each tote is a different type of toy- potato heads, duplo blocks, super heros ect.
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the PlayroomI love these stackable racks I got at Big Lots in the fall when all the college kids were off to school, about $4 for pack of two.  Great to keep toys separated and at eye level.
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the Playroom
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the PlayroomI already told you I love baskets and I guess we'll add buckets to the list too.  Great for blocks and play food!Parenting Thursday: Organizing the Playroom
Parenting Thursday: Organizing the Playroom And last but not least the good old toy chest and this hanging organizer that we stuff, stuffed animals into to keep off the floor.  The toy chest is stacked with animals to keep my little animal off of it, someone who uses it like a diving board.....Parenting Thursday: Organizing the PlayroomSpeaking of Sage, there he is my little organizing assistant!
So that's it the playroom and I do have to say I am a bit embarrassed to show off publicly how many toys my kids have!   We are lucky enough though to have a spare 1/2 room off the boys' bedroom that we can designate as toy land. We're working on Cy to remember something can come downstairs to play with as long as something else goes up.  Usually whatever he can fit in a canvas bag, which I leave on their playroom doorknob.  
Next week is a more recent project, my down stairs coat closet that houses more things that are not coats than coats.  Parenting Thursday: Organizing the PlayroomSubscribe in a reader

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