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Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and Clothes

By Myjoneses
So I've been mentioning I have some organizing projects to share with you.  I figured I better get around to it.....
I love playing organizing, I say playing because my husband is convinced I just like moving things from one spot to another.  (all with the scheme to hide things so he can't find them- right have you heard that one before ;))
But all joking aside I like to keep things where I know they are, easy to get to and for the kids easy to play with.  I love blogs like I heart organizing.  I'm not quite to her level, crafting my own built in units and keeping my kids' room that organized.  I don't have the time or money.  My style is more ziplock bags, storage containers and baskets. (Don't get Sean started on how much I like baskets to put things in)
One area I have to keep organized is the kid's clothes.  My mom is great, she finds the best deals on clothes for the boys, whether it's garage sale or awesome clearance deals.  So always tells me, "don't worry I didn't pay full price for this."  Mom the day you pay full price for something the world might end.  We also have a great friend who always sends bags of clothes her son has out grown, thank you Faith! 
So I always have clothes to tuck away for next year or next season for Cy.  And with Sage being the second child, well let's just say he has a full wardrobe for the next 4 years of his life.  If I don't keep them organized and labeled I'll miss out on them being able to wear them.  This is how we do it......
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and ClothesBoys' Closet Exhibit A (with Sage running through the picture)Their closet is divided by the roof and the dormer, but it works out to tuck storage containers behind the hanging clothes in the back.Cy gets one half of the clothes bar, Sage the other.  All pants, dress shirts and sweaters are hung.  They each have a few hooks for fleeces and hoodies.
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and ClothesBehind the clothes are stacks of rubermaid storage containers, labeled for what size and season.  2T-3T spring, summer ect.  I save the plastic zipper bags comforters and quilts come in to store winter and seasonal coats.  Don't laugh Cy has probably had 3 coats at least for each season, each year of his life.  I told you my mom keeps them well dressed!
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and Clothes Shoes we also have alot of those.  They get tucked out of the way with canvas totes I took out of their bookshelf.
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and Clothes
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and Clothes
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and ClothesMy assistant likes to try on all the shoes.  He can't count yet to tell he only has two feet for two shoes.... Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and Clothes
Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and ClothesAnd then both the boys have their own dresser for shirts, pajamas and what ever is left that they currently fit into.  Every couple of months or at the end of the season there's a day designated for a clothes pull.  New ones come out and labels get changed to put away the old ones.  Seems to work out pretty well it's really helped from searching through the whole mess of it to find something I know I have for Sage.   That's the first part of the boys' room..... next week the rest of their room and the playroom- where all toys should go but never actually do.  Parenting Thursday: Organizing Closets and ClothesSubscribe in a reader

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