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Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. Sage

By Myjoneses
Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageMy name is Sage and trouble is my game.Over the last couple of weeks it has been quite apparent I'm entering, at full force, my toddler stage.
The other night I made my first daring escape up the staircase.  I popped that baby gate off at an angle, crawled under and I was off.  Well that was until daddy heard me and caught me halfway up the stairs.
Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageMy new favorite perch is the couch, I must have just grown a couple inches or figured out how to get up just right on my tippy toes.  I can now climb up there all by myself, then I am quite content to just sit for a little while until no one is looking and I take a high flying dive right off onto the floor.
Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageI'm a little rough and affectionately known as baby thor.  Earlier in the week I took a not so loving whack at my big brother's face.  I clobbered him upside the nose with a play kitchen toy; there was blood and a not so happy mommy.
While I 'm pretty new at being able to get up on the couch I'm an old pro at the stool, chair and both end tables.  I like to stand right up on them and let out a big scream.
Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageI love to go outside.  In fact to let everyone know I'll even go get my shoes and yell at you to put them on.  Once outside mommy's not to keen on my fascination with trying to go into the road; to me it just looks like the right place to walk.
Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageMy favorite toys are anything I can drum, bang or pound together or onto something else.  Kitchen spoons, spatulas, wooden blocks, toy cars and mommy's phone.  They make the best sounds on the windows!Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageI got 'em good the other night when I didn't want to wear my sandals in the car.  I took them right off and tossed one out the open window; that took care of that.I'm usually quite content when I'm well feed, entertained, the center of attention and attached to mommy's side.  Ahh... the musings of a 13 month old.  We love him, wouldn't have it any other way.Parenting Thursday: Oh, Mr. SageSubscribe in a reader

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