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Parenting Thursday: Imagination Play

By Myjoneses
Cultivating Imagination:Let the kids play
I get such a kick out of watching my boys play.  Sage is getting to the age when he can finally play with his big brother.  He's been watching and waiting in awe for 14 months to be able to do everything Cy does.
While he's still working on it for now he'll tag along and try to do as big brother does.  Free play and interactive play between the two is important for growing imagination, self expression and exploration.
Parenting Thursday: Imagination PlayThis was the state of my kitchen tonight, assorted cake and muffin pans, play dough toys and tools.  Sage entertained himself for quite some time putting muffin liners in and out of the tins.  While Cy created the wind by waving an empty egg carton back and forth.  Of course I got to taste all pretend food that the two of them came up with, and I have to say it was just as delicious as the pom-pom soup.
Parenting Thursday: Imagination Play
Parenting Thursday: Imagination PlaySaturday morning we woke up to our first seasonal snow fall.  Within 10 minutes of Cy being up we were outside in full snow apparel.  Catching snowflakes and making snowballs until Cy was content he experienced enough snow, got wet fingers and decided he wanted hot cocoa.
Parenting Thursday: Imagination PlaySunday morning we gathered sheets and blankets to recreate Medusa's case in our living room.  Cy watched Clash of the Titans with Daddy the night before.  Sage and Cy spent the morning crawling through the cave, cashing each other and then saving each other from the "lava" blankets laid out on the floor. 
Muffin pans, first snow and "lava" blankets they know how to entertain themselves.  A child's imagination is endless.........Parenting Thursday: Imagination PlaySubscribe in a reader

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