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Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers

By Myjoneses
Christmas is in full swing at the Jones house, along with some season bugs.  I think I've finally recovered to an audible tone but then Sean caught my germs and has been coughing non stop for a week.  Well next up is Cy who I've kept home from school for 2 days now.

Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers

Sage asleep thanks to a long car ride

We've been trying to recover with some rest and if we can find it sleep.  The other night I fell asleep getting Sage to sleep, which isn't anything new I usually fall asleep laying with Cy when he goes to bed.  But the only thing different is I fell asleep sitting straight up on the couch for two hours holding him as he slept to.  We definitely pulled a daddy on that one.
Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers
In other news Christmas has taken over to house and everything we do.  Cy was so excited the other day we found Christmas lights to put on the boys' little tree.  We finished un-decorating the parts Sage hadn't gotten to and Cy redecorated everything with his lights.  The little things that mean the world to a four year old!
Cy was so excited they were colored lights because him and daddy had a big discussion the other night, while we drove around looking at Christmas lights, that colored lights were the best and white lights are boring.  Sorry boys, white lights all the way for Mommy- which they are kinda stuck with because our big tree is pre-lit.
Along with Christmas lights and decorations there have been a lot of Christmas carols.  One of Cy's newest favorite things is singing,  usually it's whatever the new song is from school but he's got a few more options during the holiday season. 

Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers

Cy a couple years ago on his little potty, he has since graduated but we've spared him of anymore pictures!

One of his favorite places to sing?  The bathroom while he's pooping.  Yes, it is, Cy will sit up there all by himself (for quite awhile because he is sooo like a little man up there) and sing at the top of his lungs Jingle Bells, Wish You a Merry Christmas and Rudolf to name a few.  Until he yells I'm done and then we argue back and forth that he can wipe his own butt. 
Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers
He is not the only one that is in the Christmas spirit while popping.  Sage's new popping location: in front of the Christmas tree.  While he oooss, aaaas and takes off ornaments you also get a few little grunts to give away what he's doing.  
So I not only have a little Christmas Snooper I now have two little Christmas poopers.  This is the Holidays with two kids under 5.  Now if I get my act together I have a great post to share friday, my homemade kids present this year-- inspired by Dana at Made's cookie jar project. 
Parenting Thursday: Christmas Poopers
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