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Parenting Thursday: A Dose of Reality

By Myjoneses

Every now and then life gives you a little dose of reality.  This week I got mine.  And I've come to the conclusion life should come with a volume button and sleep button.
We've all been kicking around this cold since Cy got done with his first week of school.  He had it with a terrible ear ache and threw up, not quiet sure what I had this week resembled a head cold with a slight fever and now baby sage has a sore throat.  A bunch of sick, tired and whining kids and mom.
Cy is still adjusting to his new school schedule and hasn't quiet grasped the concept of down time.  He goes from non stop school fun to his cousin's house for more play.  By the time I get him we are in whine mode.  Anything and everything can set him off, he reaches that nice pitch that brings a slight twitch to the corner of your eye.  
Sage is in that stage where he has found his voice.  Which he seems to really like as he screams, screeches at the top of his lungs.  Then claps his hands laughs and does it all over again.  Thinking I might invest in a nice pair of earplugs to muffle the sound a bit.
And as for sleep that's a short novel onto it's own.  Neither of my boys are one to simply just go to bed.  I forever envy parents that put their kids to bed and turn off the light.  I might have them start putting me to bed I swear you only have to tell me once and tuck me in.  What happens after that is the dogs' problem.
So life's really not that bad, but occasionally a mom has to vent. Pushing on through, tomorrow's Friday and definitely a TGIF friday!

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