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Parenting Fail Confession: I Almost Aborted My Little Girl

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


When I was fourteen I found out I was pregnant, scariest moment of my life! I was madly in love (or so I thought) and -did everything he said. I went to my partner at the time, for advice and he turned round and told me to abort it. He said we didn’t need a baby in our life and listed loads of reasons about why I should abort our baby.

I agreed reluctantly, but wasn’t sure. I hadn’t spoken to anyone and he told me not too, he kept telling me no one would understand it like he this and that everyone would hate me if I kept the baby. This made me feel worthless and horrible.

Days past and I had kept it all bottled up, my feelings and everything everytime I tried to talk about it he would change the subject. 
So I plucked up the courage and I decided to confide in my mam, this was very hard as she hit the roof and shouted at me,this kind of made my mind up at the time and I had made my mind up I would get rid of the baby as it would be best for everyone, my family didn’t want the baby, the baby’s father didn’t want it and what could I do? I’m still at school and have no money to support either of us.

Anyway, my mam got back in touch and told me she’d support me whatever I do. This didn’t really help though as my boyfriend was determined for me to get rid of the baby. Two days before my appointment I told him I was having doubts about aborting the baby, he grabbed me tightly by the arm and told me not to be a stupid bitch the baby doesn’t need us and the baby is a mistake.

I stupidily again listened to him and was all set to abort the baby even though I didn’t want too. The day of the appointment came and I couldn’t go through with it. I ran to my mams and told her what my boyfriend had been doing, I told her I wanted to keep the baby and she hugged me and held me tight whilst I sobbed my heart out to her, I’d been confused, scared and frightened and for the first time in that whole situation I felt safe.

Nearly 2 years later I kept my baby and I’m so happy I did! My mam and dad and family helped me to raise my daughter and I’m now living on my own with her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I can’t believe I nearly got rid of her! 

Her dad has only ever seen her twice, and he is so not worth our time. He won’t ever change but I’ve got my beautiful baby and we don’t need him.


A sincere thank you the the mum who has shared her experience anonymously with the blog today, please offer some words of support or can you relate to this confession?

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