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Papier Mache Dog

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman

My Paper Mache Dog

Hi everyone,
Okay, I'm finally back with a non-dragon project.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to make a dog.   I've made a couple over the years.   And I love dogs.   I have seen some amazing paper mache dog art.  My friend Sue Mclearie for one. And Marci Forbes (Papierdog).   But what made me want to make another dog is this old guy.  I snapped this photo of him in front of a Starbucks.   What a sweetheart.  
paper mache dog
I wanted a dog sort of like this.  Of course I could never make a dog exactly like him.   No one could capture that look exactly.   I decided early on to give him blue eyes.   Specifically, blue human eyes.  I just thought it would be fun.   I don't think I need to show the crumpling and paper macheing I did.   Here are the basic pieces I will use to sculpt.
eyes paper mache balls
First, make the jaws.   As always, I split a paper mache ball and pull out the wad of paper.   In this case I didn't want a mouth full of teeth.  Just the two canines.   So I hot glued a couple of small teeth onto the bottom jaw.   And I wanted a long, dog-like tongue.   I started with two pieces of wire clothes hanger.
paper mache ball split paper mache jaws
I twisted newspaper around both wires and then added a piece of masking tape along the back.
paper mache jaws with tongue paper mache jaws with tongue 2
That preserves the crease in the tongue.  Then I added some bends. 
paper mache jaws finished
Here is the basic jaw.  I will cloth mache and paint these before starting the sculpt.   I'm going to stop here.  I'll be back soon.   Thanks for your patience. 

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