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Paper Mache Drogon- Young Adult Version

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Okay, so I'm back to making art.   I have to say that my cats are thoroughly enjoying their new outdoor habitat.   It was well worth taking the time from my art to make their "catio".  Thank you for being patient, those of you that were patient.   After making my paper mache dog I realized that I needed to make some more non-dragon projects.   So what did I do?  I launched into four, yes four, dragon projects, and one non-dragon project.   I just can't help it.   The more I tried to think outside the dragon box, the more ideas I got for new dragons.   I'm keeping one of those projects very close to the vest because I think it will be my best dragon ever.  Ever.  But it could fail utterly as well.   I will surprise you at some point with a post about that project (or you'll never hear about it because it will be buried in my back yard).   I think I'm obsessed with dragons even more than usual because, as I've mentioned before,  I'm revising my dragon-making book.   So it's on my mind.   (BTW, I intend to have that finished by the end of summer.)(I think my dragons have gotten better since the first book.   Time to share what I've learned.)  I've wrestled with what project to profile here.   I decided on my latest iteration of Drogon from Game of Thrones.   As you'll find on this blog, I made him as a newly hatched baby (along with his egg), and again as a juvenile.   The juvenile was a full sized version of him.   After this last season it's time to revisit him as a young adult, as he was portrayed this last season on the TV series.   For obvious reasons I decided not to make the full body version.  Just too big.   A trophy will have to do. 
This is kind of funny.   I was grabbing a stack of newspaper to start these projects, and this one was in the stack.   This is a very old copy of the Life section of a USA Today newspaper.   It's from November 1984.  You can barely see it in the left column but there is the article about my first book, The Simple Screamer.   That was a very fortunate event.   It helped launch my book nationally.   Just had to share.   I decided not to use this section.   I'll file it somewhere for posterity (look how well that worked for me last time!)
USA today article about my paper mache book.
No one who watches my blog needs to see me crumple the paper or add the paper mache.  So I'll skip that.   In this case I'll use some of the paper mache balls and pieces I have laying around my studio.   I'll make the jaws by cutting open two different size balls and taping them together.
paper mache ball cut in two pieces  second paper mache ball for jaw
As you can see, one of them is more pointed, the other more spherical.   Putting them together gives me the triangular shape of Drogon's jaws.   In the TV series Drogon has many small teeth, as opposed to many dragons with large teeth.   So I used a pile of small polymer clay that teeth I had.   I hot glued these onto the paper mache jaws. 
putting the paper mache shells together  hot glue teeth onto paper mache shell
I think it's kind of a cool look.   As you know I like to cloth mache and paint the jaws before assembling the head.   This took a bit of patience.  Sooo many teeth!  As usual I applied small strips of cloth in a criss-cross fashion around each tooth.   Folding the cloth first makes a gum line around each tooth. 
teeth in paper mache jaws  cloth mache teeth in jaws
After wrapping each tooth I always add a large piece of cloth in the middle.  I'm always amazed by how well that works for the inside of a mouth.   You get very natural looking wrinkles that way, and it adds a great deal of strength to the jaws as well.  This is especially important if you are making a trophy.
cloth mache inside the dragon jaws  finished paper mache Drogon jaw
That's it for now.  I'll be back soon.  
See you.  Make art!

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