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Paper Mache "Party Animals"- Finished

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hey everyone,
Thank you for being so patient.   Well, here they are at last.   My paper mache party animals are finally finished.   The first photo is in my studio.   They really took up a great deal of space.  My studio felt empty after I took them out.   As you can see, the donkey and the elephant were painted with the same light gray color.   I then added  "washes" of red and blue (with white stars) to add the final, political logo-like touch.  Well, and I put a mane on the donkey.  You just have to trust me that they look much better in person.

Below is a photo of Doug, the engineer and fix-it person for the 5 Spot, tightening the bolts on the brackets holding the elephant.   Doug is the one who rigged all of the wires between the front doors of the restaurant and the arms of the elephant and hind legs of the donkey.   That was not an easy task, believe me.  

Taking photos of my paper mache is always hard.   They never do the pieces justice.   It was very  difficult getting good shots from inside the restaurant.  But I think you can see the pieces pretty well.   As I mentioned before, when someone opens the blue front door, the donkey kicks his hind legs.   When the red front door is opened, the elephant throws up his front legs.   In the end they worked perfectly.   And I am very happy with how they look.  I am very proud of the fact that I made these in three short weeks.   I don't recommend it.   I actually had the hair dryer out at times trying to dry some pieces.

Paper Mache "Party Animals"
Thanks for watching this unfold.   If you are in Seattle, you can find these at the 5 Spot Cafe on the top of  Queen Anne Hill.   They will be there through the election cycle.  
Thanks for tuning in.
PS.  In case the title of this paper mache project eludes you, I'm referring to the pieces reflecting the two political parties.   (A few people have asked me about this.)

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