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Paper Mache Eggs?

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hello all,
I've spent some time wondering what to show next on this blog.   I'm always making things, but I don't profile every project here.   Please don't get the idea that I've decided to make paper mache eggs for Easter.   I've noticed a lot of craft blogs doing this.  But I am going to make a few eggs, three to be exact.   Here's where I give away one of my guilty pleasures.  I am a "Game of Thrones" fan (adapted from the book "A Song of Fire and Ice" by George R.R. Martin).  I've read all the books and watched the series on HBO.  I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I've decided to make a few of the main characters.  Well, three of the characters that I think are the main ones, the three little dragons that were born with Dani in the big bonfire at the end of season 1.
Those of you who know me know that I hate the use of balloons with paper mache.   It is too reminiscent of the tired, antiquated use of this wonderful medium.   But...and here is my big but...balloons are great for one thing...yes, EGGS.   I want to make three dragon eggs, so I bought a few balloons.   (They have to be green.)   Just making them the same size is tricky.
Paper Mache Eggs?
I added the paper mache and let them dry.   It turns out that these balloons didn't quite give me the shape I wanted.  They weren't quite dragon eggs.
Paper Mache Eggs? Paper Mache Eggs?
So I sliced them down the middle and pushed on side under the other.
Paper Mache Eggs?
Then I added paper to fill in the gaps.  Of course I'm obsessive with my masking tape and paper.   I kept adding paper here and there until I got the egg the exact shape I wanted.
Paper Mache Eggs? Paper Mache Eggs?
I made three of these.  Again, getting them to be the same size and shape was much more challenging than I expected.   I'm going to publish this now since it's Easter tomorrow.   Next time...we add skin to the eggs.   Did I mention that two of the eggs will be hatched?   One of the dragons will be completely out and another partially out.   I'll show you progress on one of  the little dragons next time.
Thanks for being so patient!

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