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Paper Mache Bulldog

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hi all.   Here are the next steps in making my paper mache bulldog.   As you know, I always cloth mache and paint my jaws, and tongue, before assembly.   This wasn't a big job since the mouth will be mostly closed.   That's a nice doggy tongue.
Paper Mache Bulldog Paper Mache Bulldog
Next, I picked out a couple of balls that will be the upper thighs, and a couple for the lower thighs.  Yes, that's what they are called on a dog.   I cut open the bigger paper mache ball and pulled out the wad of paper.   I do this whenever I can to make the project a bit lighter.  I usually reuse the wad of paper later.
Paper Mache Bulldog  Paper Mache Bulldog
It doesn't really matter to me if the pieces are all exactly the same shape and size.   One of these smaller thighs is bigger than the other.   So I'll just cram the bigger one further into the upper thigh than the other.  I put the two thighs together and added tape.  Then I cut up another ball (they aren't really balls, but I don't know what else to call them. They are smaller, more elongated shapes.) and used part of it for the upper part of the foot.  Well, it's actually called the rear pastern.   The hind foot will stick out from there.  Sorry, this isn't easy to describe.
Paper Mache Bulldog  Paper Mache Bulldog
Now I have two hind legs ready to go.   Next, I cut two fairly large holes in the body for these legs.   I break the shell in between so that I can pull out the big wad of paper inside.  Again, I wrap that wad of paper with tape and throw it into a box.   Then I have ready made wads of paper to mache for later projects.   It's a really nice system I think.
Paper Mache Bulldog  Paper Mache Bulldog
I tape the shell back together.   Everything is significantly lighter now.  I put one leg into one hole and tape.
Paper Mache Bulldog  Paper Mache Bulldog
Then the other.  It still doesn't look like much.   Trust me, it will look a lot better soon.
Paper Mache Bulldog  Paper Mache Bulldog
I'll stop here.  I'll be back shortly.   Then this will start looking like a dog.  Thanks as always for stopping by!

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