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Panic Stations

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
Panic StationsSometimes panic brings out the best in me.
I'd been asked--- just like I am every Monday morning--- to produce an editorial cartoon for one of the regular local newspapers that run my work. This is never normally a problem except for the fact that I was rushed off my feet that day and by 4:30---twenty minutes before they needed the rough--- I still hadn't had a chance to even look at the story.
So with less than twenty minutes I printed off the email, grabbed a pen and paper and studied the story. Five minutes later the rough layout was scanned, emailed and awaiting their reply.
Now I don't necessarily wish any commissioning editor out there---who just happens to be reading this article--- to think: 'Oh its okay, we'll just give Dixon the job twenty minutes before we go to press and everything will be fine'. Honest, I really don't want to go giving the false impression that this is the norm for me. It isn't. All I can say is that sometimes. SOMETIMES!! It just works out well and when it does its a great feeling.
And its even better when the joke works well to.
Anyway, I've added the cartoon above. It was about a primary School up north that had a Graduation day for its students, complete with caps and gowns. The rest was down to my odd little mind.
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