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Pampers Cruisers Diaper Review

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Pampers Cruisers Diaper ReviewPampers Cruisers start at size 3 and Baby F just started wearing a size 3 last month so I was excited to try out Pampers Cruisers! Pampers sent me 2 sample diaper's in the mail to try I loved the way they look, they are a very cute diaper, I used the 2 sample diaper's and they worked great but it was hard to tell if they were really going to work for us because the 2 samples were only wet not soiled so I was unsure if we would have blow out problems. Pampers Cruisers Diaper Review
 I purchased a pack of Pampers Cruisers at Shoppers Drug Mart they were on sale for $10.99 and I had a $3 off coupon so I got a great deal. Now that I have used Pampers Cruisers for a few days I am pleased to say that I really love these diaper's. No leaks, no blow outs and most important no rash! I am sure Cruisers will be my go to brand when I buy brand name diaper's but my favorite diaper to use for Baby F is still Simply Kids brand from Co-op they may not be as cute as Pampers Cruisers but the quality and price is what makes me chose Simply Kids brand diaper's over any brand name for our everyday diaper. 

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