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Fritures and Wine

By Nancykerschen


Fritures and WineFirst things first- how in the world did I end up living in France?…Don’t know how it happened really, but it had something to do with marrying a French man and, in the words of Edith Piaf, “Noooonn je ne regrette rien.” Tonight, said French guy and I went to a nearby wine bar/restaurant called Auberge du Pere Monnet in La Roche de Glun, France, where we were welcomed with good service and lots of smiles. We were both also pleasantly surprised by the number of never-ending customers passing through the front door. You see, the other times we’ve gone, it was during the week and we’ve been recipients of smiles and good service, but I thought it was because we were only a couple of the few customers. Little did I know. (.. or did I ? It was my suggestion) that Friday night would be as bustling.

Fritures and Wine
After teaching in the morning and working in the vineyard this afternoon, I had a healthy meal of fritures (think small fried minnows) and calamari paired with some pretty excellent white wines. Normally, I’d choose my own wines, but here at L’Auberge du Pere Monnet, the owner/sommelier is not to be messed with. He’s good. Each time I’ve spoken with him, he’s suggested some really unusual, hard to find wines, and I’ve never been disappointed. Tonight, even with the big crowd, it was no different. What stood out the most was the first, 2009 Le Cornillard Chenin Blanc from Domaine Patrick Baudoin, from the Loire.  It was biodynamic and had punchy aromas of pear confit and ginger on the nose and loads of minerality and red apple on the palate. The acidity was intense, yet balanced out by the roundness of the fruits and it had a finish that went on. And on. And on. I use my similes sparingly, but it was like drinking summertime in a glass. It was simultaneously warm, fresh, intense, and relaxed.

It was my first ever experience of being completely blown away by a biodynamic wine. The simplest way to qualify this glass of wine is as unforgettable- even after two subsequent glasses of different wines (and varietals.)

Returning to my first question – What? You thought it was rhetorical??-  the best explanation to how I ended up in France……it was love, or wine, or the both, it seems.

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