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Painted Ikat Chevron Wall

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Painted Ikat Chevron Wall  I finished my last painting project today!  I stenciled my entry in an ikat chevron stripe. (Yes, this used to have the big DeGournay mural.  As much as I liked it, I learned I am not that much of a yellow person.  Also I paint all the time, so I get tired of things quickly.)
Painted Ikat Chevron Wall  The rest of the room is gold and white squiggles, and Painted Ikat Chevron Wall  I did this by cutting a stencil and going row by row... Painted Ikat Chevron Wall  The homemade stencil cut from tag board. Note the flat bottom edge... Painted Ikat Chevron Wall  As I would go down, working top to bottom, the new row would make the ragged edge for the last. The white rows still had to be finished so I cut the bottom off the stencil once I finished all the rows and used for the last few edges... Painted Ikat Chevron Wall I just worked across using a brush and finishing the last flat edges...
Painted Ikat Chevron Wall and then doing lots of touch ups. The one good thing about having a ragges edge is that I didn't worry to much about the paint bleeding. Oh, and I finished one more project before Thanksgiving... my chairs.  I used the blanket I had in my son's room.  They didn't care for it too much, so I took it back. Painted Ikat Chevron Wall 
I am now done for a bit with projects.  Time to focus on Christmas.  We got our tree yesterday, and decorated it last night.  The kids were so excited, that makes it so much more fun.
Now we plan on getting cozy and watching lots of Christmas specials here, or couch jumping... Painted Ikat Chevron Wall

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