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Painted Geometric Drapes

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
 I had the flu a few weeks ago and spent a week in bed and a good deal of time staring at my unfinished bedroom and overdosing on Pinterest.  Once I was well, I had a crazy new project list, a pile of mojo and the sudden need to cut bangs (thanks again Pinterest) which I did almost immediately due to pent-up impulsiveness.  I also started wielding a paint brush like a crazy lady.  (If you follow my Instagram you probably already know this and saw the peach office going down- still on the fence on that one).  One a more successful note,  I finished my bedroom drapes.  I took my old white IKEA panels and painted new life into them... Painted Geometric Drapes I did this about a year ago with a black and white version that was looser  and more squiggly for an O'verlays shoot: Painted Geometric Drapes This time I wanted a more geometric look and was inspired by Kelly Wearstler (once again). Her pattern is on more of a grid, and I wanted mine to feel a bit more fragmented.  I found the easiest way to lay out the design was to use masking tape.  I was able to move it around, and when I got a layout I liked I just traced along the edge of the tape.  Painted Geometric Drapes
Painted Geometric Drapes  Once traced, I pulled the tape and mixed up my paint.  I used good old latex wall paint in a few shades of navy I had on hand.  I thinned it with a little water (about 4 parts paint to 1 part water).  You don't want it too runny because it will bleed, too thick is hard to drag across the surface-so test it out on a scrap of fabric first. Painted Geometric Drapes  I used a 1" and a 3/4" artist brush.  First I traced over my main lines with the 1" brush. This left me with a good amount of white area... Painted Geometric Drapes  You will have very "brush strokey" lines.  Its not at all crisp, so if you want that look you might want to tape your lines out.  I like the painterly look for this application. Painted Geometric Drapes  I then filled in the white areas by using the 3/4" brush and adding connecting lines... before: Painted Geometric Drapes  after: Painted Geometric Drapes If you happen to drip, just add a line over it. Finally, let the panel dry.   I was impatient with the first and hung it immediately.   I got some wet paint smudges, so just wait- trust me.  Or use a hairdryer.
I did 4 panels total, and each one is different... Painted Geometric Drapes
And here they are up: Painted Geometric Drapes This weekend I am hoping to finish the peach office.  What are your plans?   I can't wait for spring and to start working on the outside, but unfortunately we still have a ways to go with all the snow.  In the meantime I hope to channel all my "hut happy" into getting some indoor projects off the list.
Have a great weekend!

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