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Pagan Girl / Ajdovska Deklica

By Suziblu @busybeeSI

Ajdovska deklica is a picturesque rock face of a wife that found its own special place in folk fable. The antropomorph rock formation was created by erosion of grained dolomite and is 12 metres tall (7 metres on the gradual side) and up to 2 metres wide. The legend says that the Pagan Girl (Ajdovska deklica) is an image of a petrified pagan giantess. She was a kind and warm-hearted woman who would help mountaineers and people transporting goods find their way through snow blizzards to Trenta. She was also a fate deity (Sojenica) who was able to foretell the destiny of the newborn. She foretold a newborn baby boy from Trenta that he would become a brave hunter, unrivalled by other at the foot of Prisank. He would shoot a white chamois with golden horns, sell the horns and become incredibly rich. When the other Fates heard of her prophesy, they cursed her. As soon as she returned to her home in Prisank, she turned to stone. (Source: Tuši's blog) Pagan Girl / Ajdovska deklica
Pagan Girl / Ajdovska deklica

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