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Packed with Powerful Features- It’s Time for Salesforce Spring ‘18 Release

Posted on the 17 April 2018 by Nishtha Singh @tatvasoftuk

Salesforce is all set for its Spring ’18 release. Salesforce updates their platform 3 times a year (Spring, Summer, Winter), and whenever this news is officially released, the excitement starts! And it is assumed that this release is packed with powerful features that will help you building faster with both clicks and code.

In general, Salesforce releases are a fundamental part of why cloud computing is so advantageous, automatic updates that improve performance and functionality without having to undertake a massive project. The post will guide you on how to navigate the sometimes murky waters of release content by providing a summary. It will be updated over the next month until the Summer updates drop in early June, enjoy!

Packed with Powerful Features- It’s Time for Salesforce Spring ‘18 Release

5 Features Salesforce Spring ’18

Custom themes

The ability to customize the look and feel of Salesforce has never really been available. From Spring ’18 the age of bland Orgs ends. Showcased at Dreamforce, the ability to completely customize the colors of your Lightning Application is here, you can look to change:

  • Brand image
  • Brand colors
  • Page background image
  • Default Avatar image

Salesforce has made pretty clear in its release that it’s just the start, they plan to add further customization in the future.

Salesforce Surveys

This one is quite a surprise for me, Salesforce have released a surveys application! Though it was really shocking for me, I couldn’t find any evidence of this being mentioned out there in the nether. I think this will have a huge value n the way that companies proactively gather feedback. Unfortunately it does look like that Survey’s are at an added cost, although they are included in the Health Cloud. Although there are many survey tools out there that have great integrations to Salesforce, this could be a game changer. It may quite interest you to know that a lightning component and a community component have also been released for maximum effect.

Duplicate Jobs (Reactive Dupe Management)

Duplicates can be termed as pain for most of the organizations across the globe. When there is so much data flying about and incoming from all directions, it’s something that all Admins struggle to keep on top of. With the relatively recent release of duplicate and matching rules in Salesforce, it is becoming incredibly easy to block or alert users of potential duplicates.

Well, there are some well-known AppExchange apps that do a great job, but now Salesforce is bringing this to the masses for free. Duplicate Jobs allows you to report on, view, and merge duplicates which already exist in your system. Have at it!

LinkedIn Integration for Leads

In order to further automate your leads coming into your organization, Salesforce has successfully brought out a “Web2Lead” style integration with LinkedIn. Available in Lightning & Classic, you can now enable the ability for LinkedIn Lead Gen advertisements to create Leads inside of Salesforce. With a very familiar interface, this feature could save hours from your marketing teams day.

So that’s all for now! Stay tuned to know more regarding Salesforce and Salesforce development services in town.

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