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OwowCow Creamery

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0
Some times, Dad just has to take charge. 
Tonight was one of those times.
Right after the work day ended at 5:30, I declared to the family "We are having dinner at OwowCow tonight.Yeah, you heard me, we're having ice cream for dinner. Now get in the car already." 
I think the kids were afraid I would eventually come to my senses so they dashed into the car, no questions asked.
We took the unbelievably beautiful drive from New Jersey into Bucks County, PA and we discussed our plan of attack for "dinner". I closely follow the OwowCow Facebook page and follow their Twitter updates so I had a good idea of what flavors they had on tap.
We pulled into the parking lot and before I could get out of the car, the kids were already inside:  OwowCow Creamery
The plan of attack was easy. I was going with the five scoop sampler.There were some serious choices to make and I was ready to implement my plan.
The flavors at OwowCow are not your parent's ice cream flavors. I'm talking:
OwowCow Creamery
OwowCow Creamery
Is that phenomenal or what? And here's the best part, the ingredients in their ice cream/sorbet/etc. are from local farms:
OwowCow Creamery
We're talking seasonal fruits, vegetables (yes, veggies) and even flowers. This creates an aura of excitement as to "what will they make next?" You also know you are getting the freshest ice cream around and you can taste the passion and creativity in every gosh darn bite:
OwowCow Creamery
Quick tangent - A dream of mine is to one day provide OwowCow with a bounty of produce from my garden and to have a flavor named after me. I will do it.    
So after a serious strategic planning session, I ended up with the following:
  • Lemon blueberry
  • Honey Lavender 
  • Cinnamon Bourbon
  • Corn with Mango Habenero
  • Sweet Potato with Wasabi    

OwowCow Creamery
I am by no means an ice cream critic (give it time though) but I can tell you it was an experience for the ages (and that ain't no hyperbole).
The lemon blueberry, no surprise, had real blueberries and the combo is a natural.
The honey lavender was perfectly sweet and the hint of lavender took it to another level.
The corn with mango and habanero was the perfect mash-up of sweet, savory and hot. Off the charts good.
The sweet potato with wasabi was borderline perfect with just enough of a nice spicy kick at the end.
The cinnamon bourbon, however, was the cream of the crop (pun intended). Holy crap was it good. It was like all cinnamony and bourbony and just an explosion of awesomeness. This one wins for best choice of the night.
My vanilla obsessed son ended up with four different vanilla flavors and Cookies and Cream and the Madagascar Vanilla was the clear winner:
OwowCow Creamery
My daughter went with the "I Hate Chocolate" and she is still talking about it.
My wife went with a duo of Caramel Cashew and the aforementioned Cinnamon Bourbon:                OwowCow Creamery
After tonight, I question why I would ever have ice cream anywhere else. This is an experience and I love the fact that my children picked up on the fact that is was all locally grown and all natural.
And one last one. The nine flavor sampler looks like a fantastic gift for the holidays:
OwowCow Creamery
Hopefully my wife picked up on my not so subtle excitement when I saw it.
OwowCow is the real deal and if you don't believe me, check out the reviews on Trip Advisor and the reviews on Yelp.
We all can't be wrong, right?

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