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Overcoming Envy

By Gentrilee
Overcoming Envy
Lately I've been having to check my jealousy levels, quite a bit. I don't know what it is - changing of the seasons, stress at work, or just plain fomo - but man, I think this might be something that we never fully master. This social networking world we have created leaves more to be desired rather than satisfying those desires. We have access to more than any generation before us, and yet, we are more greedy and unsatisfied than ever before. How do we overcome this? I often find myself wishing I could just leave most of my belongings behind and live out of an RV or a tiny home - forcing myself to live a simpler lifestyle with limited space for belongings. But I'm not sure it would completely work.
I think that the best way to overcome these bouts of jealousy and fear of missing out is to just keep on keeping on. We learn by repetition, so there are bound to be times where it's easier than others. But if we keep trying, keep checking our jealousy problems at the door, and do constant self evaluations, then we will be just fine. Another thing I like to do is to get rid of something when I acquire a similar item. I'm constantly cleaning out my closet and drawers - making sure I don't get over-cluttered with... well, clutter.
Now, what does all of that have to do with this outfit? Absolutely nothing. Those are just thoughts I felt like expressing. But on that note, this outfit has some really fabulous components! Favorite shoes from Sven Clogs, a bag from my roommate's shop - Anne B Designs (coming soon), and some gorgeous Color by Amber jewelry. It doesn't get much better!
Overcoming EnvyOvercoming EnvyOvercoming EnvyOvercoming EnvyOvercoming Envy
top - madewell
jeans - jcrew
shoes - c/o sven clogs
bag - c/o anne b designs
jewelry - color by amber
What are some tips you have for overcoming those pesky envy bugs?

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