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Over-the-Top, Or Just Over 40?

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Over-the-Top, or just Over 40?Hey Buddy,
So ya think we're too OLD to be TOP TIER?
Uh, get OVER it.
Here's the best of the best of the best fashion bloggers you'll find anywhere.
They just happen to be over 40 years of age. In fact, some of them were 40 a long, long time ago.
But they are now, super mavens of style, and not to be OVER-LOOKED
Check them out:
Bag and a Beret
Misfits Vintage
What I Wore 2Day
Not Dressed As Lamb
The Dusk Zone
Tamera Beardsley
Style Montreal Sud-Est
And...some honorable mentions:
The Elegant Bohemian
Style Higher
Dross Into Gold
Button, Buckle, Zip
Senora Allnut 
Kitty's Vintage Kitch
Already Mentioned, but Worth Mentioning AGAIN:
Vintage Vixen
Helga Von Trollop
The Style Crone
Mis Papelicos
A big juicy hug and a kiss to Ari Seth Cohen for putting the +50 fashion maven on the fashion map. His "sterling" street style blog featuring the men and women in their golden years has put the spotlight on a generation previously invisible to the fashion machine. Now you'll see gorgeous specimens of "a certain age" modelling for the likes of American Apparel, Lanvin and others. His blog required reading, not just the over 50 crowd, but for anyone interested in fashion, and you bet you'll find it in the readers of millenials and twenty-somethings looking for colorful inspiration from the stylish crew of Advanced Style.
A great post from That's Not My Age has her handing out +40 Style Awards. Love that pic of Ari of Advanced Style!
Maybe it's all the catwalk watching I've been doing over at but man, I'm itching to see some older and curvier models tramp the ramp during a fashion show. How fabulous would these ladies be in the Spring 2013 collections of Dolce and Gabbana,  Creatures of the Wind, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, and Marni? 
Maybe the next best thing is going to be reading Sacramento's report on her front row perch at Milan Fashion Week!
Over-the-Top, or just Over 40?

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