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Outfit: The B-day Outfit

By Amy @amzzz1984
The b-day outfit! In the last post you could see what goodies I baked for my high tea, but more important: This is what I was wearing! I got the dress from the H&M New Icons Collection. The dress wasn't on my wishlist (here) but when I saw it in the store, I loved it! I can wear this to the office with a white blazer on top, and still feel that I'm wearing something different and outstanding compared to the black suits. I popped my new white faux leather sleeveless bikerjacket on top. Had been searching for this one for ages, my size was sold-out everywhere! And I didn't want to get a larger size. The bottom part of my outfit are my ususal suspects: leather leggings and sneakers. Since I was running around all day preparing the High Tea and pouring drinks, some comfort was legit. 
Well it's Friday today! My favorite day of the week. Well that is because I only work 4 days a week, have my day off on Friday. Now I can really work on the blog and do all the other stuff that I couldn't fit in my weekend. Feel's so much more relaxed, I can really recommend it! I have a really full agenda today, and some interesting appointments for the blog, but more behind the scenes stuff (so interesting for me, not so much for you are a reader though). 

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