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Online Tip: Stylight

By Amy @amzzz1984

A few months ago I discoverd Stylight. When I first came across it my reaction was: another fashionsite, seriously? But when I took a closer look I realized it's much better then other fashion sites. It's and fashionlista put into one website, but then much better.
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On stylight you can create an account (Go to my account )
You can follow people you like, what items do they like and get inspired by their looks.
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When you post your looks, you can me boards to go with your look. You can put items you are wearing on the board, but also put in a song or a quote. Which makes the boards even more interesting to browse through.
I also love to go “window-shopping” on Stylight. Look through all the items they have listed.
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Above you can see a selection of my last items. My current cravings. Follow me to see all my latest loves.
Have you got an account at Stylight? Let me know, I would love see it!
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