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Outfit Post: Your Teddy Bear

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

outfit post: Your Teddy Bear

I just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear: Feeling snuggly in my red glitter maryjanes and fugly sweater.

outfit post: Your Teddy Bear

The elephant in the room is probably this ridiculous sweater. 
I don't know why I bought it, most likely a thrift shopping frenzy YEARS ago. I just recently pulled it out of storage, and laughed my sensible head off. A Teddy Bear, hugging a black kitty? Sporting a Tam O'  Shanter and a scarf? Ridiculous. This sweater could NOT be more unlike me or my style- it is too cutesy, too collegiate and TOO navy. So of course I had to see if I could style it so that it looked like "me."  I think it's probably one of the least sexy things I could possibly wear- it's reeks of "librarian mom."
And that got me thinking about my red glitter platform mary janes. I bought them, probably last Halloween, because I've always wanted a pair of ruby slippers.  You know, so I could be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. They are obviously of the "sexy Dorothy" variety, but no matter. They add a little som-som to the saccharine bear hug knitted on my chest.

outfit post: Your Teddy Bear

Bear with Me: Notice that Teddy needs a scarf and hat to stay warm. Perhaps black kitty is made of ice.

I layered the sweater with my vintage red gingham shirt, probably the best dollar ever spent. I've worn it before. You can see how I wore it HERE, and HERE and today, with said cuddling Teddy Bear. And skinny jeans. And the  "Sexy Dorothy" shoes.
Now hug me. I'm lonely.
outfit post: Your Teddy Bear
outfit post: Your Teddy Bear
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